I have a variety and expanding collection of musical instruments.



Let’s see them all:

  1. We start of course with my beautiful cello.
  2. I also own an electric cello, for when the late hours call for some Bach.
  3. It all started with an acoustic guitar, though… it has turned into a bookshelf now.
  4. Got my second acoustic guitar. Looks like the same guitar as my first one, just slightly bigger.
  5. Then my sister gave me her keyboard. And Adele rolled into my live. #PunIntended
  6. My brother gave me his electric guitar for some heavy shredding.
  7. Since I loved shredding so much I bought my own Epiphone. Still the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen.
  8. This amp isn’t an instrument itself but I bought it together with my Epiphone.
  9. Neither an instrument but this is a cigarette amp. literarly an old cigarette package. With an amp build in!
  10. Time for some blues with this harmonica.
  11. I found this in Italy. My first pan flute!
  12. I got this lovely djembé as a present.
  13. I saw this flute on a market. And decided to annoy everyone near me.
  14. I wanted to play the trumpet, so I got myself a trumpet.
  15. A holiday isn’t complete without the lovely tunes of a ukulele… or two! Don’t they look cute together?
  16. Since I love playing the piano we… bought a piano!
  17. It isn’t mine but I do play it. The accordion from my father.
  18. Best Christmas present ever? A kalimba!


That’s it! For now….

(At the moment I am on the look-out for a didgeridoo.)