Random pitches, melodies, intervals, rhythms….

Yet if you hear Bittersweet Symphony from The Verve, you grab for a tissue.

Feeling. Emotion. Thought.

I love music for so many things. Yet the main part shall be: “Communication without words.”

On the World Jamboree, in Japan 2015, I walked passed some Japanese kids. The asked me to sit down next to a large drum.

He started to drum a simple melody. I copied him and played along.

Eventually he drummed like TrĂ© Cool (Green Day). And I tried to keep up with him. Though he was Japanese and didn’t speak English. And I didn’t speak Japanese. We still spend time together, shared laughs. We even tried to express emotions, via the drums.

This is, in my opinion, truly: “Communication without words.”


Simply playing without thinking, and suddenly you wrote a song. “Simply enjoying.” That’s what I think it is.

Being able to do things without judgement and do what you love. That’s when you will reach the best result. And that’s how I come op with new pieces.

I’ll sit down, with a movie for instance, and I play along with the piano or guitar. Though I always listen to what I’ve created. And I’m almost never happy! (The first time.)



It all started when I had to make a movie for IT, on high school. The mark you’d get consist of two assignments: 1) the movie and 2) a assignment of choice. As soon as I heard this I rust to the teacher and asked him: “Sir, am I allowed to do something with music. For the 2nd assignment?” After a firm ‘yes’. I asked: “Am I allowed to make the film-music?” And again a enthusiastic ‘yes’.

And I got to work on something I’d never done before. Without any reasonable knowledge. But that didn’t stop me. As soon as the movie was finished I’d put it on my laptop and grabbed my keyboard. I’d mark moments in the movie on which I thought that it should get music. And after a few hours I’d finished it.

After I finished working on the movie I sat through it whole. And thought to myself that, even though the music wasn’t that good, I had nicely strengthen the emotions. Through the power of music.



My first ever movie: “See you next Monday.