Stories and poems

Here you can find some stories and poems I’ve written. They’re not much. The English and Dutch page won’t be the same. Some stories are in Dutch and some in English. I haven’t translated them.



No boundaries I
4 A.M. – she heard knocking on the door.
At first she ignored it because who the heck would be at the door at 4 AM?
But the knocking continued and started to sound like pounding.
So she threw away her bedsheets and stumbled down the stairs.
(Apparently hard enough to make the little light -underneath a step) – light up.

She first looked through the window of her kitchen to see if she could see anyone. But she couldn’t.
So she walked back to the door and unlocked it.
Whilst carefully opening the door a hand shoved through and pushed it further open.

“Hi there!” A loud and way too enthusiastic voice spoke.
(…) Moment of akward silence.
“Jochem? What are you doing here?” Sarah asked.
“Well, since we’d set a date around 2 PM I figured: why not come early and sleep some hours together?” Jochem said.
“You do know that you sleep tonight here right?”
“Well, what’s a better way then to start a date with a same ending?”
Though grumpy she laughed at the fact that a complete stranger stood at her door this early in the morning.
“Well come on inside then, you want tea or just straight to bed?” Sarah asked.
“Well, I am quite tired so I’d prefer to go to sleep right away …”
“No shit Sherlock.” Sarah said. “It’s way too early to be up and especially to travel!”
While she said that she thought of something.
“Wait a second… How did you get here? The metro won’t run till 5:30, and the busses start at 8 AM.”
And as Sarah said this out loud she woke up with a shock.
Breathing heavily she tried to figure out what she dreamed about.
As she realised she looked around and saw Jochem laying next to her.
A slight scream left her mouth, waking up jochem.
“What’s wrong?!” Jochem asked confused.
“How did you get here?” Sarah asked.
“Euhm… You kinda let me in a few hours ago?”
“No! I dreamed that…”
“Well, apearently you didn’t ’cause… I’m right here.”
“Well then explain me how you got here.”
Sarah asked confused.
“Alright, I left my house this morning at around 2 AM and started cycling to your place. I knew you were home alone and figured that it would be a problem if I slept with you for the rest of the morning.”
As Sarah heard it she did remember opening the door and letting Jochem in. But why did she have such a weird dream about it?
She explained it further to Jochem what she dreamed and he started to grin. Which soon turned into laughter.
“What are you laughing about, it bothers me.”
“You didn’t dream this on purpose, neither accidentally. I made you see this.
Look at your neck, you’re wearing my necklace. I can connect to your subconscious via that. And thus I can control your dreams and dreamwalk with you.” Jochem explained
“How do you connect to my subconscious? And especially when did you do that?”
“Well I can explain that as well.
You remember the day we sat in the park? Doing nothing more then staring at each other and connecting?
When I asked you to hold my necklace I opened it to collect your energy. And when you put it around your neck I made it connect with you. In this way I can feel your presence. I can feel your emotions and I can connect to your subconscious.
Thus being able to do much more.”

Sarah did not understand any of it. Not because it was difficult, but because it was so abstract. He could look into her, into her soul. While she couldn’t even do that herself!
“Well… Just, don’t make me dream such weird things again alright?”
“Haha, but that weird thing actually happened this morning.” Jochem said
“Oh crap your right… But…”
“It’s okay, I won’t do that any longer. But I do have got some tricks op my sleeve.”
“I’d love to see them,” Sarah said “but shall we sleep further now? I’m still tired.”
“That’s alright, come here you.”
And while hugging they fell asleep once again.
Only to be awoken by nearby neighbours fixing their house. With loud machines, at 8 AM.
“Well I can’t sleep any more. Can you?”
Sarah said slightly irritated.
“Perhaps yeah, but I don’t feel like it. Shall we just go out of bed?”
“No.” Sarah replied.
“No? Why not?” Jochem asked.
“Because I want to do this!”
She got up and sat down on Jochem. And she kissed him on the lips.
“I like this way of waking up. Could you become my alarm clock and wake-kiss me every morning?” Jochem asked.
“Haha, with a snooze option of 5 seconds hm?”
“Perhaps yeah, or just an extended hug for snooze.”
And as Jochem booped her nose, to imply snoozing the alarm clock Sarah bent over and hugged him.

There they sat. Two complete strangers, never spoken before, never heard of each other before. Just two random people who met each other on the internet and decided to get to know one another better.
And that’s exactly what happened.

The sat down at the dinner table, all dressed up and well.

“Alright, what would you like to do today?” Jochem asked.
“While, your the guest here so why don’t you decide?”
“Fair enough, I’d like to see your chair.”
“You mean my art’s chair? But that’s all the way down town in my school…”
“Yeah, so? We’ve got all day.”
And so was decided, they would go to her school and see if they could find the chair.
But as they where traveling they noticed something.
Something not quite that subtle.
Something that every student wished would happen.
They arrived at the tramstop just infront of her school. But they found no more then a whole in the ground.
“What. The. Actual. F*ck.”
Sarah stumbled.
“It… It seems to me that your school is… Well… Gone hehe.”
“Thanks caption Obvious. I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad or confused?”
“Well confused seems like a valid option?”

Not sure what to do they took some pictures and called the police.
But neither Sarah or Jochem had a connection.
“That’s weird, I can’t call.” Sarah said.
“Hm me neither…seems like the connection is down, perhaps it works later?” Jochem replied
Sarah stared at the whole where her school is supposed to be and noticed something.
“Okay, it’s starting to get really, really weird.”
“Well, what’s up?” Jochem asked.
“Look down, in the whole. You can see a small light shining. And what do you see next to that light?”
“Wait what? That’s your chair isn’t it?”
“It is!”
Jochem climbed down and walked towards the chair.
“What are you doing? You don’t know if it’s dangerously!” Sarah yelled
“Don’t worry, nothing can go wrong. Perhaps I disappear perhaps not.”
As he walked towards the chair something strange happend.
You could hear a buss.
And with every stap Jochem took towards the chair the buzzing grew louder.
He was now about 2 meters from the chair away and the buzzing became unbarring.
“COME BACK!” Sarah yelled.
“WHAT?” Jochem replied.
He took another step towards the chair and it got silent.
“Hm… You see? Nothing …”
He couldn’t finish his sentence when a blast of sound waves arrises from the chair and hit Jochem straight in the chest.
He got thrown backwards and while a dark, scary buzzing sounded through the whole city -Jochem hit the stone wall.
“Oh my god are you alright?” Sarah asked in panic.
While grunting Jochem replied: “Yeah I’m fine, don’t worry.”
He climbed out of the hole and stared in front of him.
“That’s​ was weird…” He said
“It was! And I don’t understand it…”
“Well I know one thing, let’s get back to your house and just drink some tea there.” Jochem said.

And so they stated to walk back to her house. Halfway through she said: “Let’s get some icecream.”
And they took a tram that would take them to the other side of the centrum.
As they where waiting for the tram to come they heard a low humming noise.
The looked up and saw a police helicopter circle the centrum.
Within two minutes the saw police busses, motors driving by.
And even police officers running.
As the saw them passing by something terrified them.
All the officers, all the people… They had no… No face.
No eyes, no mouth, no nose not even facial hair…
Just a blank straight face.
“Okay I can’t take anymore, what the hell is going on?” Sarah yelled.


No boundaries II
Just as Sarah yelled what the hell was going on they heard an explosion.
A loud bang came from a few blocks away and an intense bright light filled the streets. For a moment all they could see was white.
Their hands reached out for each other, to find anything to hold on. As they touched on another they saw something.
The white burned as ever but they saw something on the floor.
A little flower sprouted through the asphalt. Tiny, thin, orange with a green heart. Jochem bent forward and plucked the flower. At that moment the leaves started to spin. They rotated around its heart and the white light began to flow towards the flower.
Like a vacuum all the light got sucked into the flower. Until they could see again and saw that the flower had lost its colour… It was a dark grey now, the leaves lost their strength and the flower itself bended a bit downward.

“What the actual fuck just happened?” Sarah said after a few moments.
“Well… I think even god doesn’t know.”
Jochem replied.
“Did you see the faces of the police man?”
Sarah asked.
“Depends. Do you want a logic or smarty pants answer?”
“No I haven’t, because they had none.”
Jochem said.
“God, you’re useless are you?”
“I am indeed. But I can do a few things?”
“Ofcourse, anyone can do at least something. But at this moment all I want to be able to do is go home.” Sarah said
“Alright alright, well for that you only have to close your eyes.”
“I have to close my eyes? I just witnessed our own death. I just had a nightmare and you want me to close my eyes?”
“Trust me.” Jochem replied.
Sarah looked Jochem in the eyes and saw a sign of trust. A sign of peace.
“Well… Alright.”
And she closed her eyes.
“Alright. You have to listen to my voice. I will tell you exactly what to do. And what not…. Just focus your attention on my voice and everything will be alright.”
As Jochem spoke his voiced seemed to turn around Sarah. As if he was walking around her or she was spinning.
“On the count of three I want you to open your eyes and spread your arms. As if you where flying. Alright?”
“Alright yeah, I’ll do it.” Sarah said nervously.
“Okay, 1…2…3!”
Jochem stood behind Sarah and grabbed her waist. As Sarah spread her arms she suddenly got lifted into the air. While Jochem yelled: “Titanic! Don’t let go Jack!”
“Goddammit you twat. What the hell are you doing?” But soon she started to laugh. Because it actually felt as if they where flying.
“Alright, can you put me down now?”
Sarah asked.
“Euhm… Well, no actually I can’t..”
“What? How do you mean?”
“Alright. Don’t be scared but… Look down.”
Sarah looked down and saw that she wasn’t just a meter from the ground but more​ then 200!
She yelled out of fear and grabbed Jochem as tight as she could.
“Te fuck are you doing?”
“You wanted to go home so I am bringing you home.”
“No no no! Not this way, please put me back down!”
“As you wish my lady.”
As Jochem began to descent he suddenly stopped.
“If I might have everyone’s attention please, this is you captian speaking. We have a slight technical problem. It seems like we’re being under attack by colourful lights. It shouldn’t be a problem for we are above their maximum reach. Sarah, look down will you? Look down and just hold me.”
As the hovered in the air they saw firework, bursting into colourful patterns right beneath them.
“I have never​ thought of them as 3D. It’s beautiful!” Sarah said.
Jochem didn’t stare at the fireworks but at Sarah’s eyes. For he could see the reflection of the firework in her eyes.
“Might I say something?”
“Yeah, sure.”
“You’re beautiful.”
“You think so?”
“Yes I do.”
Jochem stared at her once more.
He got a bit closer to her, so did she.
And the kissed.
Levitating in the air, with fireworks around them. They hang there, kissing.

“Will you do something for me?”
“Euhm, yes sure.”
“Please wake up.”
“Wake up?…”
Suddenly Sarah felt herself falling. She fell through the fireworks, leaving Jochem behind.
Just before she hit the floor she woke up.
She sat upright in her bed.
While figuring out what in god’s name just happened she looked beside her.
And there he lay, sleeping.
She lay down and put her arms around her. After that she just climb on top of him for she was too small. And hugged him so.
“My teddy bear, my fluffy teddy bear.”
And she fell asleep once again.
This time. In reality. In happiness.

The end




A little bit of love
I cannot wait to wake up next to you.
For I have left the blinds open just a bit,
And a single sunray finds it’s way to your face.
And enlightens the restfulness that is within you and your dream.

I cannot wait for us spending nights next to each other.
To fall asleep in each others arms.
To connect with one another on a higher level.

I cannot wait for us spending time together.
For every single second without you, is like a second without breath.