This page will be mainly photo’s. (Duh…)

I’ve been active as a model for just about two years.

  • I started off with Dutch Model Info. A small company which teaches you in modelling. And which sends your portfolio to bigger companies. They also take some pictures now and then.


  • After this I got into contact with New Generation Models. This is a model agency in Amsterdam. After a few months they fired me because no company had any interests in my look.


  • At last I found Male Models NL, in Rotterdam. This agency took a few new and existing photos of me and asked around if any company was on the lookout. But again, no one had any interest in my long blond hair.



After this, which actually only cost me a lot of time and money, I decided to focus on my musical career. And leave modelling behind me. It was fun for the time being, but it took too long to get any improvement.

Though it gave me some beautiful pictures. (Though I say so myself.)